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What is included in the Chianti Classico Card?

The CC Card is based on points - the Galletti (Roosters) - which are uploaded on your Chianti Classico Card App when purchased, and deducted every time you enjoy your selected experience.
The Card includes:

  • free access to a maximum of 2 or 3 experiences to be enjoyed in our wineries (depending on the value, calculated in Galletti, attributed to the selected experiences and on the type of card purchased);
  • 10% discount on the purchase of wine, other products and services offered by the wineries, even if your card has run out of Galletti points; 
  • free access to a number of Chianti region Museums and Cultural sites partnering with us; 
  • discounts on your transfers to/from the Chianti region.

How much does the Chianti Classico Card cost?

There are two types of Chianti Classico Card available:

  • Chianti Classico Card «3 galletti» 54,00€
  • Chianti Classico Card «2 galletti» 36,00€

The cost of the Chianti Classico Card is the same, whether purchased online or from an authorized retailer.

When does my Chianti Classico Card expire?

The Chianti Classico Card has a 12-month validity from the date of purchase.

How does the digital Chianti Classico Card work on the app?

To use your Chianti Classico Card the following steps are necessary: 

  1. Install the Chianti Classico Card App, download is available from Google Play and Itunes; 
  2. Purchase a Chianti Classico Card with 2 or 3 Galletti online, at or from one of the authorized retailers;
  3. Click on "Attiva card" and enter the personal activation code received by email, or the secret code found under the scratch-off coating on the back of the Chianti Classico Card;

4. Search through the “Experiences” section of the App and choose the experience you would like to enjoy, checking that it is compatible with your available «rooster credit»;
5. Contact the wine estate directly and reserve your experience independently;
6. Upon arrival at the wine estate, click on «Vivi esperienze» (“Enjoy experiences”) and show the QR code to the staff, so they may read it and confirm your experience reservation;
7. Enjoy your experience! Your rooster balance will be automatically updated-

IMPORTANT! Please check that your device is equipped with the necessary system requirements (iOS 9.0 and later versions; Android 7.1 and later versions - browser, such as: Chrome/Firefox/Safari, updated to the latest available version).

Validity of the activation code

The activation code, whether sent by email when the purchase is made online or found on the back of the scratch-off Chianti Classico Card, has a 12-month validity from the date of purchase.

Are the partnering wine estates always open?

Each partnering wine estate has its own days and hours of operation: they are listed under the section “Estates” of the portal and of the Chianti Classico App. To reserve the chosen experience, the cardholder must contact the winery directly using the contact info on the website, and make direct arrangements for the day and time of visit.

How can I reserve an experience at one of the wineries?

Thanks to the Chianti Classico Card, you can choose from more than 200 experiences offered by our wineries, by reservation only made directly by the cardholder by contacting the wineries using the contact info listed on the portal or on the app. 

How can I buy the Chianti Classico Card?

The Chianti Classico Card can be purchased:

  • Online, at
  • From an authorized retailer:
    • Tourist shop inside the IAT Office in Piazza Stazione 4
    • Tourist Information Center, Piazza Matteotti 10 - Greve in Chianti
    • Tourist Information Center, via Ferruccio 40 – Castellina in Chianti

In case of purchase from a physical store, you will receive a Chianti Classico scratch card: reveal the secret activation code under the scratch-off coating and then enter it in the Chianti Classico Card App.

How do I pay for the Chianti Classico Card online?

Payment may be made by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Carte Bancaire) following the instructions illustrated in the procedures described online under the section “Buy”. 

Can I lend my Chianti Classico Card?

The Chianti Classico Card is a decremental card based on points - the Galletti (Roosters). Each experience has a corresponding value in ‘galletti’, which are then deducted from the card. You may use your card to share a specific experience with someone: in this case, twice the value of the chosen experience will be deducted from your card, as long as you have enough points on your card for the experience you selected.

I have uninstalled the Chianti Classico Card – how can I recover my Galletti points?

Should the app be uninstalled from your device, or in case the device on which your Chianti Classico Card App is installed is lost or damaged, you may install the Chianti Classico Card App on another device and access the Login section using the credentials you received at the time of purchase/registration. You will once again be able to use your Galletti points credit!

Is there a reduced price Chianti Classico Card for children, students and people 65+?

The Chianti Classico Card comes only in two denominations – with 2 Galletti, for 36,00€, and with 3 Galletti, for 54,00€. No discounts and/or reductions possible. ONLY people aged 18+ may purchase the card.

Is it possible to receive an invoice when purchasing the Chianti Classico Card?

If you purchased the Chianti Classico Card from one of our authorized retailers, ask the shopkeeper for the invoice at the time of purchase.

If you purchased the Chianti Classico Card online, it is possible to ask for an invoice if you possess a VAT number, by emailing and listing all necessary information: invoice holder, date and purchase order ID. A digital invoice will be sent within the month following the request.

Must children and individuals not yet 18 of age purchase the Chianti Classico Card?

The Chianti Classico Card is intended for an adult audience. If you wish to visit the wineries with the Chianti Classico Card, when making your reservation, notify the wine estate that you will be coming with children so that you can agree on possible age-appropriate activities not included in the card.

How can groups/agencies/tour operators purchase the Chianti Classico Card?

Groups, agencies, and tour operators may purchase the card directly from the managing organization of the Chianti Classico Card, by advance electronic bank transfer and collect, or have a representative collect, the purchased cards from one of our official card dealers.

In this case, the purchase of the Chianti Classico Card is subject to the following conditions:

  • Request of purchase to be sent to at least 10 prior to payment;

  • Payment made at least 7 business days prior to collection.

Resale of the cards purchased by a tour operator is exceptionally permitted subject to the condition that the cards are resold within a tour package in which there is clear and correct specification of the denomination Chianti Classico Card, of the characteristics of the service offered and of the price, as a result of these contractual terms. In no case is it permitted to resell the card at a higher price.

For more info, please contact


Can I receive my Chianti Classico Card by post?

No, it is not possible to receive the Chianti Classico Card by post. The card can be used only digitally: when you purchase the card online, you will receive an activation code by email that you will then enter in the section “Attiva Card” (Activate card) of the Chianti Classico Card App. If you purchase the Chianti Classico Card from one of our authorized retailers, you will need to reveal the code under the scratch-off coating and enter it in the appropriate section of the App. The Chianti Classico Card scratch cards cannot be sent by post.

Does validity of the Chianti Classico Card begin from the date of purchase?

Yes, from the date of purchase you have 12 months to enjoy the wonderful experiences offered by our wine estates!

May I use the Chianti Classico Card every time I want?

You may use your Chianti Classico Card until your Galletti credit runs out. If you wish to book another experience, you can top up your card by uploading new Galletti from the page Buy.

Is it possible to ask for a refund for the Chianti Classico Card?

The user may cancel the contract within 14 days from the completed purchase pursuant and for the purposes of Section 52 of Legislative Decree n. 206/2005

The right to cancel may be exercised EXCLUSIVELY at the following conditions:

  • For “physical” card/s: as long as the card is intact and with proof of purchase. Personalization of the card or its damage shall result in the exclusion of any refund. Should the scratch-off coating be removed from the activation code, the card shall no longer be returnable nor refundable.

  • For “digital” card/s: as long as the client has NOT enjoyed any of the experiences offered by partnering wineries.

If said conditions are complied with, cancellation shall give rise to the refund of the purchase. The refund amount will be net of the fees retained by the online payment system at the time of your purchase.

Failure to use your card beyond the 12-month limit shall result in the exclusion of any refund of the price of the card. The enjoyment of any service/experience linked to the card shall result in the exclusion of any refund. The card cannot be refunded in case of changes directly involving the services offered by the partnering wineries (by way of example: changes in opening hours, weather conditions). For all info on experiences, services and terms of delivery by each partnering winery, please refer to the section “Experiences” on the official website

To ask for a refund, please contact supplying all purchase details.


If my Chianti Classico Card is stolen or lost, can I ask for a replacement?

The physical card cannot be refunded nor replaced if stolen and/or lost; physical scratch cards or digital activation codes that are purchased and then lost will not be refunded. The user is strongly encouraged to store his/her card with care and not to bend it. Should the “physical” scratch card be deteriorated or the activation code not be visible at the time of purchase, the user may return it to the retailer where it was purchased and have it replaced by showing the document providing proof of purchase (receipt).

If the device on which you have activated/downloaded the Chianti Classico Card app be lost or stolen, the card cannot be refunded. However, you can recover and utilize all unused Galletti by downloading the app on a new device and accessing the "Login" section of the App by using the credentials received at the time of purchase/registration on the app.


May I change my personal data after my digital card has been created?

Of course. You can change your personal data at any time by accessing "Your profile" at It is not possible to change your data through the app.